About us

Sanivolo is the Healthcare Fund for Pilots, founded in 2000.

Sanivolo dedicates entirely to the set-up and closure of Medical Expenses insurance contracts with major insurance companies, aiming at providing an additional and complemetary coverage to the assistance given to pilots, in service (or not), and their families, by the national Health Service.

Sanivolo cooperates currently with the insurance broker MAG SPA.


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Regolamento elettorale Sanivolo

Board of directors

Board of Auditors

  • Paolo Ciabattoni - Presidente
  • Tito Flavio Scibetta
  • Carlo Purificato
  • Vito Rosati

Assembly of representatives

The Assembly consists of 22 members, of which 11 are elected by the member Companies and 11 by the members and the aggregated members, according to the methods established in the Statute and the Electoral Regulations.

They are members of the Assembly: 


  • Longhi Guglielmo
  • Savini Filippo
  • Maria Mazza
  • Fabrizio Mazzei
  • Alberto Cecchinelli
  • Andrea Ghisalberti
  • Marco Comelli
  • Roberto Remo Meliadò
  • Gianfranco Zaccarelli
  • Luca Di Francesco
  • Giovanni Mauro
  • Triaca Oscar

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